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When to Stay Traditional in a Modern Day Interview

Modern times call for modern measures in the employment industry. Futuristic movies that incorporated robotics and technological advances seemed to fill the Sci-Fi genre. In a short few years, society has adapted to a thriving and innovative modernity. This has changed the basics as we know them including how we work and live. Job interviews used to be associated with “pounding the pavement” on a daily basis with printed resumes on hand. If you were eager enough and showed promise, your chances of being hired were greatly increased. The pool to choose from was a small pond in comparison to the worldwide ocean it is today.

As the saying goes “there is a time and a place” for everything. Transitioning from tried and true territory to the cutting edge times we live in can lead to a few interview faux pas that will keep you from getting the job. Most of your pre-interview decisions will largely revolve around what type of business you are entering as a prospect. Understanding the dynamics of how you will be expected to perform your employment terms will determine your attire and tools of the trade. The questions of integrating foundational pieces versus moving forward with a modern touch may be the factor that lands you the position.

Modern Wear

We are seeing CEOs of companies donning converse and casual wear in this millennial era. With the culture sipping on more espressos than manhattans or martinis, you may be curious where you fit in to the plan. Knowing the atmosphere and being a part of it are two distinct matters. Unless the company has explicitly requested an informal arrival, be prepared to wear your best business threads or plan a balanced attire . This not only shows a direct approach, you will also display a level of respect for the company.

Accessorizing your Interview
Accessorizing your Interview

Accessorizing your Interview

With handheld tech gear replacing most pen to paper techniques it is savvy to have both formats on hand. A proper briefcase never goes out of style and can hold all of your necessities through an interview. The classic black pen and pad to match is a time honored tradition. You can also have your device of choice to add in dates and scheduling markers. The way to accomplish this without your setup looking chaotic will rely on organization. Some environments will be the perfect opportunity to utilize your tech smarts whereas others the notepad will suffice. Take cues from your interviewer and follow the steps as they do. In the event you use both, keep it simple and collected. Make sure all volumes are turned down and it is turned on and ready to go as needed.

A firm handshake while looking them in the eye will always be a priority. Having assertive practices that are tempered with modesty is a winning combination that stands out in the eye of the interviewer. Keeping the old ways with a modern perspective is a surefire way to present your strongest assets in an interview.