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What to Wear to a Job Interview

The first impression they say lasts forever! The most crucial part of getting a job is leaving your interviewer with an excellent feeling from your appearance. You don’t necessarily need to spend heavily on your clothing but going an extra mile and having the perfect mix of clothes will make you unique. When next you are going for an interview, ensure to avoid being a victim of a horrible clothing mistake.  Below are few tips on how to look for an interview:

Be Mindful of Your Choice of Clothes

An interviewer shared a story of a woman that showed up for a meeting dressed in a skimpy pink gown, she could hardly sit comfortably for the interview. It is a general fact that short hemlines and deep necklines are not appropriate for any job interview, wearing loud, bright colors, like pink, is also not acceptable.

Always be careful when picking out your clothes, if you must wear a bright color like pink or red, wear something decent, and ensure that the complete look of your attire is formal and presentable. Many excellent colors are perfect for business interviews, and always make sure to wear appropriate hemlines and moderate slim fit clothes to job interviews.

A blazer is a perfect option for practically any interview, but what you wear under it also matters a lot. The V-shape formed by the blazer’s lapel produces an inevitable plunging neckline. If you are wearing a shell or a camisole underneath, ensure to look decent and never forget to button up, too. This applies to the men, also. Never wear a blazer without wearing a tried T-shirt underneath or, at worst, a V-neck sweater regardless of the interviewing firm, even if it’s a start-up company, and always ensure to button up.

Apply Light Perfume and Cologne

Make your perfume and cologne application light; you never can tell if your interviewer is a lover or hater or could even have an allergy to strong scents. However, it won’t be nice to allow your excessive spray of perfume or cologne appliance become the only thing your interviewer remembers you for.

Keep Your Fashion Up to Date

When applying for competitive jobs, everything counts, including your fashion. If your clothes mix is outdated, or if you are not current with the workforce fashion and your closet reflects it, endeavor to update your wardrobe and outfit to trending fashion styles before showing up for an interview.

Your shoes too are not left out either. Putting on a pair of sneakers, beat up dress shoes or an old pair of pumps won’t help make your appearance professional or polished. Once you know the right discount stores, like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, Target and Old Navy, you won’t have to spend much and yet get your wardrobe updated. You will be marveled by how your extra effort will pay off in the long run.

Keep all these helpful tips in mind next time you’re preparing for a job interview, and good luck!