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What To Do Before Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be very exciting and also scary. Anytime you start something new, you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone and making changes. It’s only normal to feel some sort of anxiety as your first day on the new job approaches. If you’re feeling a bit unprepared or hesitant, don’t worry, there’s certain things that you can do to prepare you for your first day. While there will always be some things that you have no way of predicting, some prior, proper planning will get you started on the right foot to make for a smoother transition as you adjust to your new workplace and position. Here’s what you should do before starting a new job.

Shop for clothing

Whether you are required to wear a uniform or dress business casual, you probably should shop for some new work clothes. If a uniform is not required, you probably picked up on how your coworkers were dressed during the interview process. During your first week at the office, you will get a better understanding of the dress code, and can start to plan your attire better. However, it is wise to have outfits already lined up for the first few days to reduce your stress, worry, and time wasted trying to put together something each morning.

Look up your coworkers

Of course, you will be introduced to your coworkers over your first few days on the job, but it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with your colleagues before your first day. This way, you get to see what they’re about before you actually interact with them. Take to social media to look up your coworkers to get to know their faces and get a peek into their life. Also, look them up on LinkedIn to understand their roles and duties in the workplace. This will allow you to see how you will work alongside them.

Look up your coworkers

Rest and relax

You need a little rest and relaxation before starting a new job. You more than likely will be tired after work until you get used to your new routine. So, it is important to rest your body and relax your mind so that you can start your new job feeling refreshed and ready to go. My favorite ways to relax are by reading Murder Mystery novels and playing at at Pokerstars casino. Nothing frees up my mind and allows me to unwind more. Whatever it is that helps you unwind, you should do more of it before starting this new chapter in your life. Once you start your new job, you may have to wait until your day off to do the things you really enjoy, so you might as well get them in now.

Brush up your skills

Even if you are stepping into your new role and it’s essentially the same as the one you just left, it doesn’t hurt one bit to brush up on your skillset. Use the time before you start your new position to revisit the skills that got you hired in the first place. Are there some things that you’ve forgotten? Read books on your area of expertise to make sure you’re aware of anything that’s changed in your industry. Do your research and get a better understanding of any new rules or laws related to your business. Never stop learning, especially when starting a new job. It doesn’t hurt to make sure you know as much as possible.

Practice the commute

On your first day at your new job, you don’t want to be late. You want to arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes early. Not only should you be punctual, but you will come off as committed, prompt, and reliable. Arriving early will also give you a chance to get settled and get acquainted with everyone before the work day starts. When thinking about your commute, traffic, train delays, bus issues, and unforeseen circumstances could all affect your journey, so it is recommended to practice your commute one or two days before you actually start. Practice your commute around the time you would normally be going to work so you know exactly what the traffic, trains, or buses are like at that given time. This will ensure that you know exactly what time you need to leave your house so that you will be on time and ready for the day ahead.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gotten all of the things out of the way to prepare for your new job, it is time to congratulate yourself on this new accomplishment in your life! Take yourself out to a nice lunch or dinner to celebrate or call up some friends or family. Use this time wisely because you’re going to be pretty busy from here on out!