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What Not to Do in Your Job Search

There are many reasons we may find ourselves updating our resumes. From recent graduates to downsized positions, it is a daunting task to join the employment race. There is an uneven balance when it comes to applicant and open position ratios. This creates a sense of urgency when you find an opening that fits your ideals. Submitting resumes and planning interviews is ranked on the top ten list of stressful experiences. Remaining proficient, confident and calm is a hard task when you feel the heat of the spotlight. There are a few common mistakes that have been deemed to have disastrous results for applicants. Avoiding these detours will increase your chances of obtaining your next job offer.

Resumes will vary in skill levels and experience making it a tough choice for employers to make a final decision. Companies invest training dollars and time when cultivating a new employee. In effort to reduce turnover while maintaining their training budget, it is imperative they choose the right candidate for the job. There are several factors taken into account when reviewing prospective employees. Interestingly, it is not always the applicant with the highest education or years of experience that crosses the finish line. Putting your jitters to the side, stay ahead of the lineup and keep these job searching don’ts in mind.

The Don’ts of Job Hunting

Do Not disregard instruction your application process. Most employers will leave specific guidelines to follow when submitting your application. A majority of companies are now accepting applications primarily online. This makes it easier to make a mistake that can not be retrieved after you hit the send button. It is important to read each line on the page without skimming through. Fine points may be missed which will cause your resume to be overlooked. Typical requirements include guidelines regarding cover letters, email addresses, items or formatting to include and timelines for submissions.

Do Not abuse the follow up policy. We have all heard the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, however this does mean to pester your future employer. It is smart to wait a few days for your resume to be received and processed before you make an initial phone call or email. A polite and professional demeanor will lead you further than if you sound demanding over the phone. Limit your calls as they are the first impression you will be making with employers and peers.

The Don’ts of Job Hunting
The Don’ts of Job Hunting

Do Not leave your personality at home. During an interview, you want to portray confidence with an ability to perform your job duties. If you re too stiff or trying to be someone else, this will likely translate negatively to your interviewer. Companies want employees with the aptitude for the position and personable qualities that resonate with their staff and clientele. As with anything in life, balance is required for positive results. Be confident without appearing as egotistical, be friendly not probing or overly personal and be comfortable without forgetting your manners and professionalism.

Staying within the scope of expectations will bring you one step closer to a new position. Aside from the obvious effects of our appearance and body language, these common mistakes are often overlooked. Remaining aware of each step in the process will be sure to lead you in the right direction.