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Tips to Get a Job Right Out of College

Did you just graduated from college, and your head is ticking hard on how and when to embark on your first job search? Well, relax and cheer up friend, I’ve got the guide for you. The first thing you must know is; you need determination and consistency. Founder of collegial service, Robin Reshwan, a consulting and staffing firm based in Danville, California. Said “You get out what you put in” meaning you need to get your mind prepared. Below are tips to help launch your first job and get started with your career.

Design Your Resume to Suit Every Application

Today, many employers scan resumes for keywords using applicant tracking systems. Which means, if your resume lacks the right keywords, your application could automatically end up in the trash bin. To avert such things from happening, ensure to make tweaks to your resume to tune the language to suit the job you are applying for. For jobs that require hard skills like – python or JavaScript for programmer positions, ensure programming terms and jargons on your resume.

Frequently Check for New Job Post

Being among the first to apply increases your chances of getting employed. It is best to always use within the first forty-eight hours after a job post, so you need to check for new job posts frequently. Better still, you could make it your daily routine, by searching for new job openings first thing every morning.

Alternatively, a great way to keep updated on new job openings is monitoring prospective employer’s social media feeds to know if they are planning on hiring soon.

Get Connected with Your Alumni Network

To have more knowledge about a specific company or your industry, stay connected with your college alumni network. Most schools set up a relationship with alumni, who are willing to offer jobs and advice to fresh graduates. Get contact information from your online alumni database and have a chat with your fellow alumni.

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However, you need to apply wisdom when approaching your alumni. “Don’t ask for a job on your first meeting “instead, merely ask the second appointment or chat on the phone, to enable knowing more about them and what they do. When the time is right, the person could even help you to get your dream job.

Have an Update on Industry News

Regardless, of you not yet being employed, you need to stay updated with recent changes in your field. Here are three necessary things you should do to keep up with industry news: follow social media feeds of industry influencers and companies, read industry journals and trade publication, join professional forums on social media.

Get Ready for an Interview

Ensure to get yourself prepared beforehand, to enable you to snag every job interview. You would be boosting your confidence by developing answers for common interview questions like – “What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your career visions and goals? Prepare yourself for a job and you will get one!