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Tips On How to Get a Job

Through my years of practice as a certified work/ life career coach and a professional resume writer, “How to get a job or How do I get a job?” is one of the questions most of my clients are asking me. The best way to answer this question “How do I get a job?” is by having a review of the basics; I’ll be discussing four basics today. The four basics I’ll be discussing today are:

  • Persistence
  • Your skill set
  • Your mindset
  • Networking


The ability of one not giving up even when it seems all hope is lost is what is regarded as being persistence. Your mindset and your strength of not taking NO as an answer are two inseparable factors. Having a positive attitude and confidence will help you persist through until you get the desired job.

Your skill set

Your skill set comprises of your potentials, values you can exchange for money. What problems can you solve? And most importantly what proof and results do you have to show your ability? Everyday people pay for products, services, and ideas that can address tasks they do not have time do themselves, or they are not able to solve, so start to see yourself as a solution to problems. What type of problems can you solve with your skill set? What group of people have this problem your skill set can solve? Once you get through these questions, you just earned yourself a job.

Your Mindset

Your mindset is the positive vision you create in your mind; that is the ability to have the conception that you I’ll get a job.  This sounds very easy to say but a lot more difficult to do, it goes far beyond one’s confidence and attitude. This one the critical basics considered when answering the question “how to get a job?” however, putting in a little more commitment, focus, and discipline will help in establishing and maintaining a positive mindset and eventually become an automatic driving force through your search for a job.


Networking is all about building relationships, having good records, and giving first to enable you to receive. Ensure to always leave a positive lasting impression on every professional and personal encounter. The impression you leave with people both on professional and personal bases can make or mar you in the future. I once had a client who was making some job opportunity inquiry over the phone with a company she used to work for many years ago. Fortunately, it turned that the person she was talking to over the phone recognized her as the sales professional who sold her a membership 12 years ago, that’s how far your records can make you!

All of these tips help when looking and applying for a job. If you have trouble in this area or haven’t this is your first job these tips will set you up perfectly. Taking these tips and applying them to your life will help you find your way.