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The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

As of late, the 9-5 grind has met its match with more individuals working from home. The cubicle is being traded in for a home office attributing credit to the vast growth in technology. Businesses are able to reach all corners of the globe with internet and telecommunications accesses. This has allowed a breath of fresh air in the typical working day. The saying in Europe is “it is better to work to live than live to work”. In general, Americans were the last to get that memo as they have only recently began implementing wellness into their work routines as a rule not a fad. A work and life balance is crucial in both happiness and resulting productivity. It is a popular opinion that working from home is the smartest way to achieve this goal.

The Pros of Working from Home

After the Baby Boom period, we had latch key kids and an unhealthy amount of time at the office. Working from home seems to be beneficial for achieving the modern family. With a parent at home, supervision is present alongside the ability to spend time together. Schedules may vary and are usually flexible depending on the nature of your work. This provides plenty of opportunity to attend events such as school plays or dinners.

One does not solely need a family at home to enjoy the benefits. Most report the experience is overall freeing and less stressful than the demands of a workplace environment. A home office is comfortable without the pressures of performing looking over your shoulder. Whether you enjoy working at your own pace or the freedom to take a lunch as you please, collaborating a punch clock in your living room is becoming the new way to work.

At Home Cons to Consider

There are always to sides to every coin, including the topic of working from Home. Often times distractions can be all too common through the day. The needs of family, household chores and external activities can interfere with our schedule. Going to an actual workplace removes this factor from the itinerary as you walk through the door. There are limited choices in handling anything other than the work that is front of you. It can also be hard to avoid the temptation of taking extra time here and there when you are Working at home. Televisions and cell phones are tempting when you are self-monitored leading many to fall behind in their tasks.

Hope For Home Workers
Hope For Home Workers

Hope For Home Workers

The easiest way to counteract any potential scheduling detours, is to set firm boundaries. These rules of the workday will apply to yourself and those around you. When working from home, avoid overburdening your time. Be reasonable in your expectations and plan ahead your work week or month. Transitioning from the Office to Home is not always easy to do. Some miss the social dynamics while others prefer the solitude being at home provides. Each person has their own to do list and expectations. If you are savvy and structured, you will have great success in operating on your own. For those who prefer daily interaction and instruction, the office is a great place to lead the way. In either scenario, making and greeting goals with confidence will ensure a lucrative and fulfilling future.