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The New Way to Look at Resumes

It was once tradition to step in to an office and formally request a position with a company. This gave job seekers a chance to sell themselves as the best candidate for the job. In the technological times we live in, we are no longer to make an impression on potential employers. Most resume submissions and applications are performed online leaving little to the imagination. How do applicants stand out in the spotlight among hundreds of other digital competitors? The answer to this question is simple. It is all in the recipe of a resume. Adding color or stylish fonts are a moot point if the rest of the resume does not hold specific requirements that will get you noticed.


Corporations have systems in place that reduces the reading time of resumes. An applicant may have ample experience and a stellar personality; however it all comes down to key words. The initial process of selection is based on the components of the job. Each description is assumed to have specific experience in tasks that relate to the position. In other words, unless your resume displays these terms, you will not make the final cut. Not all companies use this process, yet hundreds to thousands of companies do. It is smart to be prepared for any scenario.

One clue to finding the right key words is in the set job description the company offers. They will most likely remain consistent in their terminology. Main points of the position will be evident depending on the type of employment you are seeking.

Cover page

Although most sites state it is optional to send a cover letter, it is an important detail to include. Overlooking this basic application step might be rendered as a lack of effort or interest. Your cover letter should be personalized to the company letting them know they are not one of a hundred to receive the same rendition. It also proves you are invested in their company and truly interested.

 Your cover letter should be short and sweet, yet direct and professional. Contact information is included on both the resume and the contact page. If the employer is not engaged within the first few sentences, they will lose interest in reading the rest.


If your cover letter or resume is not refined in detail and style it can lead to appearance of written chaos. Employers should be able to read or scan with ease without having to stop and configure the page. Essential information is essential to include answering the questions in their mind as they are asked. Companies want to know directly who you are, what you offer and if you have the experience to substantiate your claim.


  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Typing the same way you speak
  • Time gaps of employment
  • Filler words and phrases
  • Long winded explanations
  • Plain speech
  • Avoid being “Too friendly” or “too rigid”

Do not become a nameless face in the world of online applications. Your resume and cover letter is your best chance of landing a first interview. Converting your application process to an online presence will put your name at the top of the applicant list. Once you have an interview scheduled, be prepared and ready to let your skills shine.