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What to Wear to a Job Interview

The first impression they say lasts forever! The most crucial part of getting a job is leaving your interviewer with an excellent feeling from your appearance. You don’t necessarily need to spend heavily on your clothing but going an extra mile and having the perfect mix of clothes will make you unique. When next you […]

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Tips On How to Get a Job

Through my years of practice as a certified work/ life career coach and a professional resume writer, “How to get a job or How do I get a job?” is one of the questions most of my clients are asking me. The best way to answer this question “How do I get a job?” is […]

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The Benefits Of Education Lesson Plans

Take some time to imagine how confusing and chaotic a class would be without a lesson plan! The benefits of lesson plans to both students and teacher cannot be overemphasized across the country. Lesson plans are essential for having a preference list of tasks for accomplishment and having an organized class irrespective of subjects being […]

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