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Savvy Steps for a Job Interview

A Job Interview is an important step in your career. While you are preparing for the big day, you may be practicing your answer to the famous interview question… “what is your biggest weakness?”. Wardrobe choices and fresh copies of your resume are usually ranked as the next items on the interview ready itinerary. While these steps are important, they are not the only ones needed to be taken. Before you enter the final hours before the Interview, there is a checklist to complete. From the moment you enter the vicinity of the Interview until you return to your vehicle, you want to be intricately prepared. Reviewing the Interview process will offer all of the information you need.

Clean Your Car and Social Media

This may not seem important, yet it is all about first impressions. Your Interviewer is accustomed to meeting candidates that put their best foot forward. It is common for potential employers to research social media sites in advance of an Interview. This gives them a snapshot of your character which is not usually listed on your initial application. Depending on the location of the Interview, your arrival may be in clear view. If you open your door and lunch spills out, that does not offer an organized image.

Know the Details

Doing a little research of your own is a smart decision. Having complete knowledge of the job description is a good start. A secret of Interview success is within the answers you give to the interviewers questions. Gaining insights of the company include background, past fiscal details and plans of growth. When you collaborate accurate and well informed answers into your interview, you will earn a few extra points. They will see you are smart and savvy and willing to invest time into the business. The Interview is an opportunity to showcase your strengths and talents. It is wise to be prepared ahead of time to avoid any fumbling of words or unconcise answers. Clear speech is proficient and generally slang free.

Head to Toe Ready

Dressing in Interview appropriate clothing is a priority. Whether you are applying for a cashier position to CEO of the company, it is best to err n the side of professionalism. Messy hairstyles, bright makeup, gum chewing, or flashy shoes are a few fashion faux pas that have been made in the past. In lieu of a purse, consider a briefcase or business level portfolio that has a few pockets for your resume, keys and a lip gloss. Less is more when it comes to an interview. Chunky jewelry is distracting as is heavy perfumes or colognes. The look of wanting to be hired involves a stated no fuss appearance. Employers want to hire individuals or can perform the job, offer a positive image for the company and have the skill level to complete the tasks at hand.

Following this checklist will help you to be prepared for your Interview. It is natural to feel nervous, however with the right tools of knowledge, appearance and award winning answers, you will have the confidence to excel in all of your employment endeavors.