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Phone Interview Tips and Techniques

There are several tips and tricks to help you survive the Interview process. What to wear and say seem to top the list of key factors you will find. This leads us to wonder if the rules change when it comes to phone interviews. Video and telephone conferencing have become a popular way to make contact and conduct initial interviews. Technology has expanded the application pool to a worldwide platform. Potential employers will often schedule a call with those who made the first round of cuts. This saves time and traveling expense for both the applicant and the company. Some who are readying for their phone appointment say they are more nervous than if they were to have an in-person interview. The differences between the two can also impact your own to do list.

Preparing for a Phone Interview

Being prepared is the first rule of thumb for any job interview. The same applies whether you are in your living room or on the thirtieth floor of a high-rise building. The details of the correspondence will result in the hopeful scheduling of another interview or the dreaded don’t call us we’ll call you scenario. Thee are many ways to accelerate your chances for success over the phone. Following specific guidelines will help you to move on to the next steps of getting hired.

If you are an experienced job seeker, you are well aware of the importance of body language. It can help you to read your interviewer which lends a hint on which direction you should take your next statement or answer. This can prove to be a difficult task when you are on the phone. Being unable to see the reactions of your interviewer can make you feel uncomfortable and bring an onslaught of self-doubt to the table. The best way to avoid these jitters is to remain calm, breathe evenly and most importantly be completely prepared.

How to Remain Confident During a Phone Interview

While trying to keep your nerves under control, there are a few ways to ultimately help you both sound and feel more confident over the phone. Anticipating the questions, you will be asked gives you the opportunity to write your answers and review notes during the call. Writing down your sell points, questions to ask and researched facts you want to include in your answers ensure they are not remembered after the fact.

Another confidence boost is to dress the part. If you are at home, it is tempting to leave on your pajamas or comfortable lounging clothes. It is noted those who dress for the interview will speak more confidently than their counterparts. The same goes for where you set up your phone for the interview. Your posture will accompany your tone and help you to think clearer than a slouched position. Sitting up straight and dressed to impress can make all the difference.  

Although Phone interviews are on the other end of the spectrum, they still require the same amount of effort. As you make it to the second stage, you will know you are on the right track to your new job.