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Overcoming the CV Rut

What to Do with Ineffective CVs

Saturated with a multitude of potential candidates, many employers are swamped by the overwhelming feedback for their positions. For those who are looking for work this means that the competition is far greater than in the pre-internet climate. In 2018 more CVs are looked over digitally than ever, for one to be successful it needs to be precise and professional. To achieve this, here are some great sites that can help.

Fine Tune Your CV With Job Proof

It only makes sense that after several rejections for jobs you are qualified for, the problem may not be your experience or ability level, but your CV itself. This is where Job Proof comes in. Not only does the site offer free and easy to use tips and tricks for fine-tuning your CV, they will also look over it personally. This is a fantastic way to alleviate the issues with a document that you no doubt have looked over countless times, meaning you may well be staring the issues in the face without noticing. With help from a website like Job Proof, you can have a professional constructively scrutinise your use of words, grammar and sentence construction. With a rapid turnaround capability of less than 12 hours, it’s great for anyone in need of a last-minute CV spruce. Using a tool like this relieves you from the worry of how employers perceive you, and instead allows you to concentrate on applying for the right position. UK jobseekers can submit their CVs here:

Find A Better Audience with Zip Recruiter

Unlike many other job sites, Zip Recruiter focuses on getting the right person into the role that suits them best. Many sites simply try to find the most efficient way to churn through applications, quickly filling spots to satiate the employers who have paid for their jobs to be advertised. Zip Recruiter has a more ‘romantic’ approach in that it understands not every person is suitable for a role they can do. Fantastic for employers and employees, this site is built around making meaningful connections between the two. This approach is a unique way to avoid the emotionless, robotic process that larger job search sites have become accustomed to. For those looking for satisfying and lengthy careers over part-time work, this may be the site for you.

Get Seen by The Bosses with LinkedIn

Most of us are already familiar with how social networks work, this opened the door for useful networking innovations such as LinkedIn. CEOs, recruitment managers and executive personnel all sit alongside, freelancers and small business owners on a refreshing level playing field here. In this way those suitable for the work available are much more visible to those who have a slot to fill. Not only that but the ability to connect with friends and associates increases the scope of your profile. Enabling connections to form by reference from current or former trustworthy employees. Making good use of LinkedIn can lead to opportunities where you are head-hunted from your profile alone, this means you need to have a great CV ready to back you up when the time calls for it.