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How to stand out when applying for a job

If you are using such mainstream web pages as LinkedIn for job searches, then there is no secret that hundreds of people can apply to the same position. So, how to get hired and beat all other competitors? Is it even possible to stand out in the process of application? Here are tips from the top recruiters for standing out when applying for a job. So, do the homework properly and the dream job will be yours soon.


Even if we live in a digital age full of equal possibilities when everyone can achieve anything due to good education and hard work, the good recommendations from the authoritative people the recruiter trust are gold dust for your application. A few good words expressed in private conversation or email can do a bigger job than a perfect CV. So, here is the first lesson – always have a good relationship with your colleagues, team leads, and bosses, as well as, never burn the bridges when leaving a company, because you will never know when the paths can be crossed again.

While applying for a new job, do research about the people who are already working in a company. Maybe you know someone or have mutual connections who could say some good words about you. The key point is not to be shy to ask for a personal mention to the recruiter, because you have nothing to lose but can win a lot in this situation.

Polish Your Profile

Your CV, your cover letter, and your LinkedIn profile must be always updated, on point, and free from grammar mistakes. Sounds obvious? Well, the recruiters say these reasons are still the main why a candidate is denied from the first sight. Cover all the most relevant experiences and achievements you already have but go straight to the point. Keep your CV short and clear but point out what were your main responsibilities at each position, and do not forget to check the grammar many times, because those little details are everything.

Polish Your Profile
Polish Your Profile

If you are really interested in a position, then go that extra mile. You must offer something more to be noticed in a pool of applications, so create something relevant according to the position. If it is a position of content marketing, then write a post, if you are competing for a position of developer – code a little app. Creativity is always shining brighter than any dry papers.


Work smart – not hard, so we suggest adapting your CV and other application parts according to the requirements of a position. Read through the job description and see what experience, knowledge, and skills a company is looking for. Then think about which of your past experiences would work best to highlight that you are the future employee of this company and rewrite your CV in this way. Keep in mind that you should fit the role requirements and the culture of a company as well. Do research about the company, its values, attitude towards their employees, events, and social media of course. Find a way to add some matching interests or attitudes into your application.