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Great Tips to Ace a Job Interview

You were one of the lucky few that saw the job advert, submitted a well-written application and have been called for an interview. Now, you have scaled through the first hurdle. However, coming out successful in the interview session is the most important achievement for you as a job applicant. Here are essential tips to help you ace that job interview.

Be Confident

Lack of self-confidence is one of the primary challenges that a lot of job candidates face while being interviewed for a position. One of the most charismatic and attractive qualities you can have is confidence. We have all experienced a situation where a very confident individual walks into a place and draws the attention of everyone with their presence. Individuals with a great deal of self-confidence create an impression without saying anything. To be more confident while responding to questions from an interviewer, you need to believe in your strengths, have great self-belief and trust your abilities firmly. To ace an interview with confidence, you must ensure that you have most of the qualities and requirements that the company wants for the position. This will reduce or get rid of any self-doubt.

Show Deep Passion for What You Do

When you discuss your profession with enthusiasm, this brings about a lift in the interview’s emotional tone. Being enthusiastic about something can produce a contagious and exciting effect in people around you. When you tell your interviewer the professional activities you are passionate about, you will have the ability to connect your strengths to quantifiable results. By sharing your passion, you can have a chance of revealing a unique aspect of your personality, so that your interviewer remembers you. If you don’t know a quality that shows your uniqueness, you can ask your friends and colleagues.

LIFE photographer Margaret Bourke-White making a precarious photo from the Chrysler Building. (Photo by Oscar Graubner)

Study the Answers to Unavoidable Interview Questions

Though several organizations may ask job candidates several uncommon questions in interviews to avoid being predictable, the main ones are usually the same. Before the interview, you should prepare for typical questions such as the following:

  • Can you tell us your previous work experience?
  • Where do you see your career in the next five or ten years?
  • Why do you think you are the best candidate for this position?

The aim of companies in asking these obvious questions is not to get a perfect response. Though the interview is interested in your answer, they care more about your ability to respond instantly without much thought. Answering the questions without much hesitation shows you are well-informed about important issues.

Repeat a Question to Buy (Little) Time to Think

Lastly, if an interview throws a question at you, which caught you off guard, you can slow down the interview process using reflective listening. You can do this by repeating the question back to your interviewer as though you were considering it carefully. Doing this buys you some time to create your response, and helps you stay calm and remain confident, rather than developing self-doubt.