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What Better Not to Say in A Job Interview?

What Better Not to Say in A Job Interview

Every job interview is different, but there are certain questions that every employer would like to ask. When preparing for a job interview, it is very important to have the answers to the most likely questions. The better we prepare for a job interview, the more confident and relaxed we will feel, as a result, […]

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How to stand out when applying for a job

If you are using such mainstream web pages as LinkedIn for job searches, then there is no secret that hundreds of people can apply to the same position. So, how to get hired and beat all other competitors? Is it even possible to stand out in the process of application? Here are tips from the […]

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When to Stay Traditional in a Modern Day Interview

Modern times call for modern measures in the employment industry. Futuristic movies that incorporated robotics and technological advances seemed to fill the Sci-Fi genre. In a short few years, society has adapted to a thriving and innovative modernity. This has changed the basics as we know them including how we work and live. Job interviews […]

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The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

As of late, the 9-5 grind has met its match with more individuals working from home. The cubicle is being traded in for a home office attributing credit to the vast growth in technology. Businesses are able to reach all corners of the globe with internet and telecommunications accesses. This has allowed a breath of […]

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What Not to Do in Your Job Search

There are many reasons we may find ourselves updating our resumes. From recent graduates to downsized positions, it is a daunting task to join the employment race. There is an uneven balance when it comes to applicant and open position ratios. This creates a sense of urgency when you find an opening that fits your […]

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Phone Interview Tips and Techniques

There are several tips and tricks to help you survive the Interview process. What to wear and say seem to top the list of key factors you will find. This leads us to wonder if the rules change when it comes to phone interviews. Video and telephone conferencing have become a popular way to make […]

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The New Way to Look at Resumes

It was once tradition to step in to an office and formally request a position with a company. This gave job seekers a chance to sell themselves as the best candidate for the job. In the technological times we live in, we are no longer to make an impression on potential employers. Most resume submissions […]

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Savvy Steps for a Job Interview

A Job Interview is an important step in your career. While you are preparing for the big day, you may be practicing your answer to the famous interview question… “what is your biggest weakness?”. Wardrobe choices and fresh copies of your resume are usually ranked as the next items on the interview ready itinerary. While […]

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Top Headhunters in New York

Over the years, there have been quite some ways designed to maneuver the stress and frustration we experience when looking for a new job. To get a job is now made a more straightforward task with the aid of ‘Head Hunters’, companies whose main goal is to help you find the right job for you. […]

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Overcoming the CV Rut

What to Do with Ineffective CVs Saturated with a multitude of potential candidates, many employers are swamped by the overwhelming feedback for their positions. For those who are looking for work this means that the competition is far greater than in the pre-internet climate. In 2018 more CVs are looked over digitally than ever, for […]

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