Month: May 2018

Tips to Get a Job Right Out of College

Did you just graduated from college, and your head is ticking hard on how and when to embark on your first job search? Well, relax and cheer up friend, I’ve got the guide for you. The first thing you must know is; you need determination and consistency. Founder of collegial service, Robin Reshwan, a consulting […]

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What Happened to My CV?

How CVs Are Handled by Employers Today The Curriculum Vitae continues be a tricky yet essential tool to master. If you have managed to chronologically list all your previous employments, siphoning out the key skills each role taught you then you are on a roll. If you have managed to objectively highlight your positive personal […]

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How to Get Started in a New Career

Yes, it’s always not easy trying to start-up something new, more especially when it comes to a job or career. The problem of not having adequate experience sets in once you decide to start a career in a new field, here are helpful tips on how to break into a new career even if it’s […]

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