Month: April 2018

What to Wear to a Job Interview

The first impression they say lasts forever! The most crucial part of getting a job is leaving your interviewer with an excellent feeling from your appearance. You don’t necessarily need to spend heavily on your clothing but going an extra mile and having the perfect mix of clothes will make you unique. When next you […]

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What To Do Before Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be very exciting and also scary. Anytime you start something new, you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone and making changes. It’s only normal to feel some sort of anxiety as your first day on the new job approaches. If you’re feeling a bit unprepared or hesitant, don’t worry, there’s […]

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Skills Employers Are Looking for When Hiring

Applying for a job is always a nerve wracking experience and there are so many thoughts that go racing through your mind when you are applying to a new job. But it is hard to know what exactly it is that employers are looking for when they put out an add. The ads always seem […]

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